Angela D'Amico RN, BSN
Angela became a Master Empowerment Coach in 2016.
She found herself surrounded with bare walls ,chaos, confusion and pain. Angela knew she would not let these circumstances define her. She learned tools to empower herself. Angela wants to  share  these with you.  She wants to take you beyond being a survivor to being a thrivivor TM.
Small everyday choices will let you achieve what you thought was impossible. What action  you take  today will impact your tomorrow.
Do you desire a more effective fulfilled life?

The Circle This Week

Life is a circle. That is why the name of my blog is "The Circle This Week." We are all connected. Although we all are different, we are similiar in many ways. From my circle to yours........
I believe what we do everyday creates the biggest impact. Small conscious choices that we make on a daily basis determines our inner and outer world.   I encourage everyone to live their best life. If we commit to making a difference to ourselves and each other the world we live in will be a better place.