Angela D'Amico RN, BSN
Angela became a Master Empowerment Coach in 2016.
She found herself surrounded with bare walls ,chaos, confusion and pain. Angela knew she would not let these circumstances define her. She learned tools to empower herself. Angela wants to  share  these with you.  She wants to take you beyond being a survivor to being a thrivivor TM.
Small everyday choices will let you achieve what you thought was impossible. What action  you take  today will impact your tomorrow.
Do you desire a more effective fulfilled life?


  1. "Angela, I just want to thank you for that wonderful call, I am still grinning. I feel really positive right now, thank you so much. I appreciate it more than you know. " Kim
  2. "Angela's approach was warm and friendly which made me feel comfortable talking to her right away. She was very professional, yet she approached our coaching call in a relaxed way so that I felt like I was talking to a real woman who knew what she was doing. She knew how to ask the right question that helped me see my situation more clearly and actually helped me to make some very serious decisions for which I am really grateful." Mary
  3. "Hi Angela. Just wanted to send a quick Thank you to you. I feel quite a bit lighter now. It feels like I got a bit "off my chest." Sending you a big hug and blessing. :) " Claudia
  4. "I am forever grateful to meet you Angela. You are the most loving and wise coach that ever helped me. With your support I was not only able to face my shame but to dive deep into my greatness and light. Thank you." Darja