Angela D'Amico RN, BSN
Angela became a Master Empowerment Coach in 2016.
She found herself surrounded with bare walls ,chaos, confusion and pain. Angela knew she would not let these circumstances define her. She learned tools to empower herself. Angela wants to  share  these with you.  She wants to take you beyond being a survivor to being a thrivivor TM.
Small everyday choices will let you achieve what you thought was impossible. What action  you take  today will impact your tomorrow.
Do you desire a more effective fulfilled life?

 Join me in these classes for the Fall
Classes will be held at the main campus at Boces 110 Elwood Davis Road, Liverpool, NY 13088.
Action is where you decide that you do want to improve your life and take the steps to get there.

21 day food challenge

It takes 21 days to form a habit. Challenge yourself to eat better and learn tools to carry you beyond the 21 days.
Discover how clean eating can improve your life. Change your life one meal at a time, and discover how a natural lifestyle approach can help you boost your energy, lose weight and even feed your family better. I have lost 150 pounds with the help of clean eating. Are you interested or commited to a healithier lifestyle? To register Call 315-453-4600 or
CEEAT0420Win2  $65.00
4/9/19-4/23/19  Tuesdays
Angela D’Amico  3 Sessions
6:00 PM- 7:30 PM
Main Campus

Aging Gracefully (dates to be announced in Fall 2019) 
 Are you getting better with age? Do you want to feel healthier, stronger and have more energy? Would you like to widen your social circle? I will teach you how to transform your mindset. What you believe you can acheive. This course is for adults who are 50 and above. Give this class as a gift to yourself or someone you love.
CEPERO721Fall2  $65.00 To register Call 315-453-4600 or  
11/1/18-11/15/18 Thursdays
Angela D’Amico  3 Sessions
6:00 PM- 7:30 PM
Main Campus

Yes You Can  (dates to be announced in Fall 2019.)
Your thoughts determine your actions. What are your goals? Do you feel stuck? Do you desire more? If you are not sure how to obtain or sustain momentum this course will teach you tools. You can move in the direction of your dreams. Action is the agent that will make a difference for you. Step out of your comfort zone to become more than you thought possible.  To register Call 315-453-4600 or
CEPERO703Fall2  $65.00
10/11/18-10/25/18  Thursdays
Angela D’Amico  3 Sessions
6:00 PM -8:30 PM
Main Campus

Handling the Stress of the Holidays (dates to be announced in Fall 2019)
Holidays can be a time of added stress. Your normal routine is altered.This can cause added pressure and expectations. You may be feeling blue regarding your personal ties. What is your vision for the next 5 weeks? In order to get a different result you have to do a different action. Give yourself joy and discover your value as we focus on a different module each week. Make a difference that will last beyond the season. To register Call 315-453-4600 or  
CEPERO719Fall2    $85
11/6/18-12/11/18 Tuesdays
Angela D'Amico  5 sessions
Main Campus

Angela is available for event planning, consultation, to speak at your seminar or workshop. Her topics include Self-love, Clean Eating, Living your best life, and Being a Thrivivor sm. Angela would be happy to discuss a topic or theme you might think would be of interest to your organization or business.
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