Angela D'Amico RN, BSN
Angela became a Master Empowerment Coach in 2016.
She found herself surrounded with bare walls ,chaos, confusion and pain. Angela knew she would not let these circumstances define her. She learned tools to empower herself. Angela wants to  share  these with you.  She wants to take you beyond being a survivor to being a thrivivor TM.
Small everyday choices will let you achieve what you thought was impossible. What action  you take  today will impact your tomorrow.
Do you desire a more effective fulfilled life?

Clean Eating

For A Healthier, Happier You.

Live A Life Of Value

I struggled with weight most of my life. In this picture I weighed almost 400 pounds. I was living a slow death with food. I had a revolving door with many diets. I wanted a lifestyle I could manage. I wanted to feel good about what and why I was eating. Many "diets" follow guidelines of Clean Eating. When you eat wholesome natural foods along with mindful eating you do not have to count calories. 

I can help you build a foundation for happy eating and a happy and confident body.  I have the tools to  start your journey. This will be a time when you discover you can eat with dignity and make smart choices to honor your body. You deserve to treat yourself and your body with respect. This includes  a workbook to use as your guide and email access to me for 4 weeks. I can show you how small everyday changes bring you the biggest results. You can be successful.

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An authentic life has value.

  1. 1
    When you really love who you are you will treat your body as sacred
    Your body carries you through your life, treat it with respect. Honor your body with good food, movement and loving care. Clean Eating encourages a lifestyle of wholesome natural foods to encourage optimum health.
  2. 1
    The small choices you make every day lead to the biggest results
    Mindful Eating is a evolution. As you progress on your road to Clean Eating you will discover more ways to build the strong foundation of self-love.
  3. 2
    You are the color on your canvas
    We are the artist of life. You decide what food you will eat, how you treat your body. Food is one of the most fundamental ways we interact with self and others. What do you tell yourself and others with food.
  4. 4
    Courage calls us to action
    It might be easier to stay the same but you will not be happy. Growth is mandatory for a effective fulfilling life.