Angela D'Amico RN, BSN
Angela became a Master Empowerment Coach in 2016.
She found herself surrounded with bare walls ,chaos, confusion and pain. Angela knew she would not let these circumstances define her. She learned tools to empower herself. Angela wants to  share  these with you.  She wants to take you beyond being a survivor to being a thrivivor TM.
Small everyday choices will let you achieve what you thought was impossible. What action  you take  today will impact your tomorrow.
Do you desire a more effective fulfilled life?
Circle of Life Master Empowerment Coach
"You can change your world" TM
My Mission Statement- Create solutions that align, empower and transform your life.
 My Vision Statement To You- Increase your self -awareness, apply strategies that make you responsible and accountable to live a life of value.
You are not a doormat.

You are the door to your life.  You do not  always get to  control your outer world or circumstances. You do control your inner world and how you react.

What kind of life do you want to live? All your experiences have lead you to this door. When you realize what you are worth you will  go beyond being a survivor and open doors of abundance.

I want to be the catalyst to create tools that give you  sustainable results.  I have a formula that will guarantee your success. 
When you are willing to make small everyday choices that  value who you are you will transend being a survivor into a thrivivor TM.

Discover what is on the other side of your door.

Thrivivor TM....the struggles and challenges you faced became your evolution to live your best life. Life beyond survivor.
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